Welcome to the Devil's Playground.

we're a world of darkness role play set in london, england. no prior knowledge if this universe is needed to join us as we've included all the information on the site.

please register an out of character (ooc) account first, before making your character accounts. all character accounts should be registered in a first last name format.

In the six months that have passed, the chaos that had gripped the city of london by it's throat has passed. Control has been reclaimed by the camarilla and those considering to be problems have been dealt with accordingly. There are rumors however that while the sabbat managed to get a foothold into the city during the chaos, they weren't the only ones.rumors going around the kindred grapevine, what that a few garou have been spotted within the city and if the rumors are to be true, everything is about to change once more.

the story game lore canons character sheets wanted ads the store advertise discord channel

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Getting Started
All the important things that will fully integrate you into our site can be found here. read over everything in this forum and it's sub forums, and you'll be in fine form. you'll also find our F.A.Q as well as the subplots and event notions as they come up.
2 -4 Jan 1 2018, 09:39 PM
In: F.a.q
By: Kaay
Plots & Subplots

In this forum you'll find all the current subplots we have in play. Some are board wide, while other are group plots our lovely members have created.

4 1 Jun 3 2018, 11:52 AM
In: Plot
By: Kaay
whenever we have an important announcement to make or a change to the site has been implemented, you'll find information about all of the above within this forum.
1 0 Jan 7 2018, 08:13 PM
In: Time Stamping
By: Kaay
Member Services
this is the place to come if you need a thread archived, moved or even re-opened. you will also find the help desk if you need to ask a question of the admins as well as our free templates to use with our skin.
2 0 Feb 11 2018, 09:05 PM
In: Templates
By: Kaay

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Game Lore
this is where you'll find all of our game's mythology, seeing as we pull from white wolf's vampire the masquerade. keep in mind that we're not playing with an actual character sheet. there will be no dice rolling or blood points spent for actions.
Subforums: Kindred Lore, Garou Lore, Human Lore

26 12 Jun 3 2018, 09:57 AM
In: 7. Cosmology
By: Seven
Character Sheets
Here is where you will find information on how to fill out the character sheet, along with a profile testing thread and the sorting thread so that your character can be placed in the right group.
Subforums: Character Sheets, Work In Progress, Completed, Pending

19 10 Yesterday at 07:40 pm
In: Charlotte Corbin
By: Charlotte Corbin
The Roster
This is were you will find all the accepted character sheets that are in play. Updates are made to all the applications whenever we do arc jumps.
Subforums: Kindred, Garou, Human

22 26 Today at 10:56 am
In: Gabrielle De La Fuente
By: Kaay
Claims & Sign Ups
All the claims mandatory and not will be placed in here for ease of access. please fill them all out before starting to role play.
Subforums: Kindred Claims, Garou Claims, Mortal Claims

12 44 Today at 04:59 pm
In: Face Claim
By: Katie

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after your application has been sorted, this forum is a place for us to write story-lines, plot together and general character development. from lovers to friends to rivals and brutal breakups, this is where all the happiness and heartbreak is developed and made reality.
Subforums: Group/Mixed, Kindred, Garou, Human, Mages

15 13 Today at 03:31 pm
In: Give Your Soul To The Night.
By: Pierre Lebeau
are you looking for a specific character to be connected to your own? perhaps an ex-flame or a final love? or maybe a rival is more to your taste, or even a family member?
Subforums: Plantonic, Antagnoistic, Romantic, Other/Mixed

11 6 Jun 14 2018, 01:28 PM
In: Ticking Time
By: Ana Knught
One Shots
For those threads where you need to headcanon some events, but don't wanna do a full on thread.
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Past Threads
For all your past and future needs. Be sure to state when your roleplay is taking place, how old the characters are/should be, etc. I'm sure you don't want demons raining on your parade when your character is a happy five year old playing in the sandbox.
6 45 Yesterday at 08:42 pm
In: [P] One Look At You And I C...
By: Jannik Malthe

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The City
London is gritty, and likes it that way. But that rustic exterior is just a cover for the many enchanting dichotomies you’ll find waiting around the next corner.
Subforums: The Towers

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Business District
The business district is just that, the one stop shop for pretty much everything you might need on a more official side. Law Offices, Banks, Pharmacies Etc.
Subforums: Capello's Musings

2 0 Jun 18 2018, 02:22 PM
In: My Battle Symphony
By: Abigail Parkers
The London Chantry
There are few things more important to the tremere than their chantry. It's a home, a base, a stronghold and an archive. The London Chantry while modest looking on the outside it actually quite the fortress on the inside. It's been spelled so that people who are not part of the communal haven are unable to wander too far off the beaten path.
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Movies, theater, skating rinks, amusement parks, tours, arcades; all types of fun and exciting entertainment awaits. And for those who enjoy a more refined sort of atmosphere, you'll find the Royal Opera House, Theatre Royal and The Royal Museum.
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Tattoo parlors, pubs, bars, and clubs all find a home right here. Look no farther for some great times after dark. Some clubs are Kindred exclusive, like The Devil's Playground for example.
Subforums: Chokehold, The Devil's Playground, The Black Cat

1 0 Jun 17 2018, 08:31 PM
In: Well, I'd Like To Be Sw...
By: Henrik Malthe
All types of dining establishments, including coffee shops and bakeries, can be found here! One of Lexington's more popular Coffee Houses, 'After the Grind' is also located here.
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Emergency Services
This is where you'll find hospitals, dentists and doctors, animal clinics, and police departments for any emergency needs.
Subforums: Scotland Yard, Royal London Hospital

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The Cemetery
The cemetery is usually where the Nosferatu lurk, keeping to the shadows to avoid being seen. It can also be a handy place to keep secondary havens.
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River Thames
A pretty place to spend some downtime in with the marina and whatnot. As long as you're packing. After all it's full of warehouses and is prime location to be croat infested. Or at least is beginning too.
2 5 Today at 03:48 pm
In: Artistic Depictions
By: Pierre Lebeau
Everyone needs a place to call a home - even if that home is really two eyes and a heart - instead of four walls and a roof. You'll also find various motels/hotels here as well.
Subforums: Havens, Apartments Etc

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Anything Else
For anything that doesn't fit into the already existing categories you can place it here.
1 2 Jun 12 2018, 08:12 PM
In: New Meaning To Dusty Books
By: James Bailey

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sometimes, real life does get in the way of roleplaying, and we're always accepting of that. please, leave a note here, though, so that we know of your absence and when we should expect you to return!
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ooc chatter
forum games, member introductions, general chat conversations can all be posted here. remember, though, no spoilers unless you properly tag the topic with containing spoilers!
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this is the guest friendly forum where you can post your advert. we accepted everything, as long as there's a place us to post back too. please remember that we're hosted on jcink and thus said, use the [align] tags instead of [center].
Subforums: First Link, Linking Back & Sorted, Affiliate with Us!

68 4 Today at 01:22 pm
In: Devil's Tattoo [werecre...
By: Devil's Tattoo
Site Archives
if it's in this forum, it's either dead, unusable or simply out of date and includes everything from incomplete threads to threads that have come to an end and need to be stored. because we like to hang onto things, you'll find pretty much everything in here. mostly for nostalgic purposes.
5 11 Mar 19 2018, 06:35 AM
In: March's Activity Check
By: Jax

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